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Being a caregiver for veterans and sufferers of post-traumatic stress disorder presents special challenges.  As Evansville’s service men and women of World War II, Korea, and Vietnam age, we commonly see highly independent and very proud people who just can’t manage on their own anymore.  At Family First Companion Care, we understand that retaining a sense of dignity and self-reliance is of supreme importance to veterans, and we work hard to encourage and foster the continued growth of these noble human traits.

PTSD and Veteran Homecare


Post-traumatic stress is a serious condition, and the severity of its expression exists across a wide spectrum among our clients.  Although every veteran is different, common symptoms of PTSD include difficulty sleeping, irritability or anger, and depression.

The occurrence of symptoms associated with PTSD can decrease over the years, but the base of trauma often persists throughout a lifetime.  Avoiding “triggers” and reminders of past events can be crucial to maintaining a calm and even demeanor for many veterans.

Although Evansville’s veterans have a special place in our country’s history, it’s also important to note that they’re not so different from other aging people.  Our caregivers believe that loving and understanding behavior is the best form of therapy.  A new friend and a kind smile can mean a great deal to anyone’s life.

caregivers-veteran-evansvilleSpecial Training for PTSD and Veteran Care

Each of our caregivers is specially trained for PTSD and veteran care.  If you believe that your loved one has unique needs, you can rest assured that we’re prepared to recognize and avoid triggers, manage flashbacks, understand hyper arousal symptoms, and retain calm demeanors to help control anxiety.  Furthermore, we have a reporting protocol that ensures that proper steps will be taken if any unsafe behaviors are seen or anticipated.

At Family First Companion Care, we like to think of ourselves as new members of your family.  You can count on us to stay in communication about how your loved one is doing, and to always keep increased happiness in mind as a first priority.

Creating a Happier Tomorrow

Caring for an aging loved one can be a difficult process, and without professional help, it usually creates strain for both the caregivers and the patient.  Sometimes taking the right step for your family can mean taking a step away from your loved one and allowing someone else to help.  Make a better life for your family, and let our trained staff shepherd the way towards increased dignity, independence, and happiness for your loved one and the family as a whole.

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