Personal Attendant Care

If you, or a loved one, are in the process of recovery or even slowly losing the ability to handle many of the daily tasks you have always done you may need help in the form of personal attendant care. The subject of maintaining independence, autonomy, and the need for assistance deserves some mulling over.

Perhaps you have a loved one who is elderly, disabled, or recovering from a surgery. When given the choice, most people in such a situation would probably like to stay home, where they’re used to where everything is. Home is where people feel the safest.

With personal attendant care, it’s possible to give your loved one exactly what they need, while still ensuring their safety and well-being.

What is Personal Attendant Care?

Personal-Attendant-Care-EvansvillePersonal attendant care involves individuals hiring in home caregivers to help them do things they normally can’t do for themselves. This may be due to being injured, disabled, or aging.

Such tasks vary widely among individuals, but they typically include:

  • Housekeeping tasks including cleaning, vacuuming, and laundry
  • Cooking and cleaning up afterwards
  • Shopping or running errands
  • Driving to doctor’s appointments (or driving in general)
  • Personal hygiene care such as bathing, dressing, toileting, brushing teeth, etc.

For one person, usually a family member, to help with all these tasks is arduous and tiring. That is where Family First Companion Care can help.

Why use Personal Attendant Care at home?

Home care, whether for elderly or disabled have many benefits. The biggest, most obvious one is that they get to keep the comforts of home. The importance of familiar surroundings, garden, pictures, and all the memories associated with one’s home cannot be understated.

People crave independence no matter what age. Nursing homes operate on the principle of safety first, not autonomy. Relinquishing such basic rights as deciding what time to wake up and when to eat can bring unnecessary stress and even pain. Not being able to bring all the personal possessions or keep pets or plants can augment that pain.

With personal attendant care services at home, they can still lead independent lives and be in charge of how they want to spend their days, rather than adhering to a strict schedule of a nursing home.

Caregivers can have the peace of mind that their loved ones are confidently navigating their own home, surrounded by all the things they value, like books, plants, old records, or family photos.

How can Family First Companion Care help?

End-of-Life-Care-EvansvilleMaybe you have a loved one in need of personal attendant care. You might even be caring for one and finding that you can certainly use an extra pair of hands.

We can help with all the day-to-day tasks mentioned above, plus more:

  • Provide social interactions through entertainment, reading, and conversations
  • Monitor medications to make sure they’re taken at the right time in the right dosage
  • Help organize mail and bills
  • Appointment reminders

We recognize that each client is unique, so we customize our care plan to make sure the individual’s needs are met.

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