Short Term Recovery Services | Evansville Home Care

Not all home care is long term.  In certain situations, individuals recovering from surgery or an accident need extra help around the house.  This kind of short term assistance can vary from basic meal preparation and housekeeping to close assistance with bathing and movement.  Our experienced caregivers are trained to assist you while you’re getting better, and are ready to provide the friendly and professional care you need to get back to normal.

Short Term Help around the House after Surgery

assisted-living-help-evansville-indianaIt’s not uncommon to be incapacitated or suffering from reduced mobility after surgery.  For many people, it’s difficult or impossible for family and friends to provide the kind of care that’s required during the recovery process.  Whether you need help for a day, a week, or a month, we’re available 24/7 to make sure you stay comfortable and well cared for during this difficult time.

Your schedule and level of care is entirely up to you.  We’ll match you with a compatible and well trained caregiver, and they will come to your house to assist you as needed.  You can get help with meal preparation, housekeeping, bathing, toileting and personal hygiene, transportation, grocery shopping, or anything else you may need.  We can also help with medication and physical therapy exercises, so your recovery can be as fast and successful as possible.  Contact us for a free consultation to learn more.

Short Term Help during Illness or Accident Recovery

evansville-in-home-caregiversWhen you have short term needs, it can be important to maintain a sense of independence and dignity.  You don’t have to place unusual or uncomfortable demands on your friends and family.  Short term recovery services are available in Evansville.

Contact Family First Companion Care for a free consultation.  We’re available for as little as a day or as long as you need to get better.  Get friendly professional help from trained caregivers, and make your road to recovery as brief and comfortable as possible.

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